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HorustecH is a young, global and dynamic company that bases its success on the concentration of specific professional skills that partners and team members steadily bring and increase. The aggregation of various capabilities and specific experiences permits to manage the project from concept to production with the help of highly sophisticated checking methods in order to guarantee the consistency of the high quality standards. The efficiency of all the departments turns into flexibility, competitiveness and timely reaction to the market requirements. HorustecH is an international Group consisting of strategically located partners, affiliated companies and team members:

HorustecH Srl - Correggio(RE), headquarters.

- Highly automated production of mechanical and electromechanical automotive components
- Research and development
- Quality management and test lab
- Customer's service
- Sales and marketing
- Purchases

HorustecH Lighting Srl – Correggio(RE), Tier 1

Production of punctual LED lighting systems, light pipes and optical filters, including head lights, tail lights, turn signals, position lights, DRLs and internal lights.

AMG Srl – Correggio(RE), Partner - Plastick Srl - Bologna

- Plastick injection by molding machines from 45 to 500 tons
- In-house tool room

Centro Ricerche FIEM HorustecH Srl – Correggio(RE)

Design and engineering of innovating and traditional automotive lighting systems in Joint Venture with FIEM INDUSTRIES Ltd.

FIEM Industries LTD – New Delhi (India)

Low cost production of automotive lighting systems designed and engineered in Italy for the European/North American and Indian/Asian markets.


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