HorustecH is always on the look out to identify all what the industry and the end users need in terms of innovation, safety and comfort applied to the vehicle, be it a car, a scooter or a bike, an industrial or a recreation vehicle.

Every input originates an innovation project that HorustecH's design engineers develop with skill and top attention to the financial feasibility of the project itself in order to obtain a product the added value of which is perceived by all market segments.

New projects make the Company grow and steadily stimulate all the involved team members, from the design engineers to the marketing people, ready to accept the challenges that innovation on one hand and competitiveness on the other hand impose.

Innovation cannot be only concept even though concept is the reality of the future: innovation must be practicable, become part of every day's life and few days later be unnoticed as already obsolete. Right at that stage HorustecH's design engineers are ready with a new innovation that will surprise, open new horizons and live its popularity moment.


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